Amazon's impressive Fire HD 8 Plus deal will leave you scrambling

Online retail giant Amazon isn’t one to shy away from a sale, especially during the Black Friday shopping period, with plenty of discounts available on the site on a plethora of products. That includes the company’s own Fire HD range, with tempting offers on the budget tablets to be had.

That includes the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus, with an impressive 42% off its £119.99 RRP, bringing it down to just £69.99. That’s the 32GB version with ads, by the way, though the ad-free variant is also discounted to £79.99.

Get an impressive 42% off the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus (2022)

Get an impressive 42% off the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus (2022)

Amazon has a whopping 42% discount on the Fire HD 8 Plus (2022) right now, bringing it down to just £69.99 (or £79.99 for the ad-free version). That’s the cheapest it has been this year!

At its regular £119.99 RRP, the Fire HD 8 Plus is a little too close to full-blown budget Android tablets that offer a more comprehensive selection of apps, but at just £69.99, the only competition it has is from other Amazon Fire tablets.

It also benefits from several upgrades compared to the base Fire HD 8, including wireless charging, more RAM and (slightly) upgraded cameras that make it a very tempting option for a budget tablet.

Is the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus (2022) worth buying?

One to consider during Amazon’s regular sales


  • Good value, particularly during Amazon sales
  • Sturdy build
  • Wireless charging is unusual in budget tablets


  • Limited app and games library
  • Not very powerful
  • Wireless charging accessories may be a little pricey

In many ways, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus is similar to the regular Amazon Fire HD 8, but there are a few key differences that separate the two. That includes more ‘premium’ features like the addition of wireless charging, which comes with the added benefit of compatibility with the wireless charging dock that essentially turns the tablet into a smart display when not in use.

There’s also a slightly boosted 3GB of RAM, and the cameras are ever-so-slightly higher resolution, and though we wouldn’t recommend ditching your smartphone for the vast majority of tasks, it’ll more than do for video chats on the device.

In the most important ways, from the 8-inch display to the robust build that Amazon claims is more drop-resistant than the iPad mini 6, the two devices are identical. That also extends to the Fire OS experience, with the same Amazon services-focused UI and limited app availability compared to full-fat Android tablets on the market.

In fact, at its regular price, the Fire HD 8 Plus cuts a little too close to some budget Android tablets. That makes it hard to recommend. However, at its reduced price of just £69.99, it becomes a much more compelling option.

To find out more, take a look at our full Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus (2022) review.

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