Amazon's just taken 50% off this incredible Samsung soundbar

Amazon’s just dropped an absolute banger of a deal, bringing one of Samsung’s latest high-end soundbars down to half price.

For anyone looking to pick up a premium soundbar and woofer combo on the cheap – look no further than this offer. Previously going for £749, you can now get the Samsung HW-Q700C for just £375.

Huge 50% Discount: Samsung HW-Q700C Now Only £375

Huge 50% Discount: Samsung HW-Q700C Now Only £375

Grab the highly-rated Samsung HW-Q700C on Amazon now for just £375, a massive reduction of 50% on this premium quality sound system.

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  • Save 50%
  • Now £375

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Given just how lacklustre built-in TV speakers can be nowadays, a proper soundbar is an essential piece of kit for helping you to really make the most of your home entertainment set-up. It’s the type of thing that’s hard to appreciate until you actually make the switch but at that point, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Ever since its release earlier this year, the price of the Samsung HW-Q700C has fluctuated quite a bit but rarely has it gotten to be as cheap as it currently is. From our price history tracker, it seems as though the cheapest the soundbar has even been was around the £368.99 mark, but even that price was around for just a few hours and isn’t really that much cheaper than the going rate now.

Because of how quickly that previous price was around for however, it’ll be best not to wait around if you do want to make use of the current offer. There’s no telling exactly how long it’ll be around for, but there’s no denying that it’s easily one of the biggest soundbar bargains on the market right now.

Is the Samsung HW-Q700C worth buying?

Samsung’s Q-series soundbar brings the noise


  • Big, dynamic, cinematic sound
  • Wireless Dolby Atmos
  • Dolby and DTS support
  • Good music performance


  • Anonymous looks
  • Could be more subtle and refined

  • Another impressive soundbar from Samsung
  • Delivers a dynamic, cinematic performance
  • Good with music
  • Samsung-specific features for owners of recent Samsung TVs
  • Big, loud sounds
  • Brutalist design that doesn’t draw attention to itself
  • Wireless Dolby Atmos support
  • Dolby and DTS support
  • Alexa compatibility
  • SmartThings app for control and customization

Samsung is no stranger to the AV market and it shows with the expertise the company has brought to the HW-Q700C. Even at its original £749 price point, the soundbar was easy to recommend due to its full and broad soundscape, not to mention its support for Dolby Atmos over a wireless connection.

Plus, with a dedicated soundwoofer thrown in, you’ll be able to hear the full range of sounds from your favourite films. Whether its the rumble of a jet engine as it flies overhead, or the hushed whispers of the protagonists as they try and hide from the villain, it’ll all come through with crystal clear clarity.

There’s also support for Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa, which is handy if you want to use the soundbar when the TV is switched off for some music playback or even listening to an audiobook. You can even control the soundbar on your phone via the SmartThings app for added functionality.

One of the few downsides of the HW-Q700C is that the soundbar itself isn’t exactly a looker, but so long as you don’t mind a fairly standard design, the amount of detail you get in return for the lower price more than makes up for it.

If you want to find out more, make sure you take a look at our comprehensive Samsung HW-Q700C review

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