Amazon's tempting refurbished iPad deal is hard to ignore

Refurbished tech represents a great way to save some money, and when combined with the big sales event that is Black Friday, refurbished tech is cheaper than ever. That even includes Apple’s iPad collection, which rarely sees any kind of discount.

If you’re happy with a refurbished iPad 9 (2021), Amazon is offering a stunning £84 off the regular £369 RRP of the entry-level tablet, bringing it down to a rather tempting £285. That’ll net you the 64GB variant in a Space Grey finish.

Get a refurbished iPad 9 for just £285 at Amazon

Get a refurbished iPad 9 for just £285 at Amazon

Refurbished tech is always a great way to save money, especially during the Black Friday sales. That makes Amazon’s deal on a refurbished iPad 9 even more tempting, offering £84 off the regular RRP.

Don’t let the fact that this iPad is refurbished put you off; Amazon has reconditioned the iPad and rated it as being in excellent condition, meaning you won’t see any marks or scuffs from a distance of 30cm. It also tests all the features of the tablet to make sure it works properly, and for added peace of mind, you can get a replacement or refund within a year if it doesn’t perform as expected.

Plus, you’ll be helping to save a perfectly good iPad from the ever-growing landfill of tech – something we can all appreciate.

Is the iPad 9 (2021) worth buying?

Small upgrades but still a great tablet


  • Wide selection of optimised apps
  • Very good front camera
  • Sharp screen


  • Design feels a little tired
  • Doesn’t work with newer Apple accesories

The iPad 9 might’ve been replaced by the redesigned iPad 10 in 2022, but with it came quite the price hike – all the way to £499. However, Apple also kept the iPad 9 on sale at its original price, which means the iPad 9 remains the true entry-level iPad in 2023.

With that in mind, the iPad 9 is a great entry point into the iPad ecosystem if you’re yet to invest. It provides the core iPad experience, with the iPad 9 getting the most recent update to iPadOS 17 that brings with it a customisable lock screen and much more, along with access to some of the best tablet apps available on the market.

Apple really does have the tablet content on lock compared to its Android competition, which is still very hit-and-miss when it comes to dedicated tablet apps. It’s arguably the biggest reason of all to go for an iPad over an equivalent Android tablet.

Sure, the iPad 9 sports the same ageing design as countless previous entries in the collection, complete with thick bezels and a physical Home button, but those elements don’t really matter. Sure, it’s nice to have a sleeker-looking iPad, but the core experience is the same regardless.

If you want to find out more, take a look at our full iPad 10.2 (2021) review.

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