AMD Ryzen 8000: All we know about the Zen 5 chips

The AMD Ryzen 8000 series is tipped to become the next-gen family of processors from team red, flaunting the new Zen 5 architecture to give the performance a significant boost. 

It’s important not to confuse this with the Ryzen 8040 laptop chips which were announced in December 2023. These chips are codenamed Hawk Point, and use the existing Zen 4 architecture that you can already find with the Ryzen 7000 series – therefore they can not be considered as part of the next generation. 

For this article, we’ll instead be focusing on the yet to be released AMD Ryzen 8000 processors that benefit from the cutting-edge Zen 5 architecture, as well as several other upgrades. 

AMD hasn’t released much information on these upcoming chips just yet, but we’ve scoured the web in search of the most credible rumours. Here’s everything we know about AMD Ryzen 8000 so far. 

Release date

AMD is yet to confirm an official release date for the AMD Ryzen 8000 processors, although its roadmap does have the Zen 5 architecture pencilled in for a 2024 launch. 

YouTube channel RedGamingTech claims that the Ryzen 8000 chips could launch in the first half of 2024, which means we could be only a matter of months away from a release. 


AMD hasn’t revealed much about the specs for its upcoming processor range, but we do at least know that AMD will be moving onto its Zen 5 architecture. 

AMD has already revealed its roadmap for Zen 5, with the architecture first launching with a 4nm process, and then becoming available with 3nm options at a later date. For context, the existing Zen 4 architecture is currently available with 5nm and 4nm CPUs. 

Rumours indicate that the next-gen Intel Arrow Lake processors will use a 2nm process, so it’s possible that AMD may fall behind its competitor in this regard. But as we’ve seen with past processors, a smaller process node doesn’t always guarantee a faster performance. 

There’s no official information on Ryzen 8000 beyond this, although the Moore’s Law Is Dead YouTube channel has shared a possible leaked slide from AMD detailing some new information about the upcoming processors. 

The leaked slides indicate a 10 to 15% IPC (instructions per cycle) increase from the Zen 4 to Zen 5 microarchitecture. 

We’re expecting the AMD Ryzen 8000 chips to be available with up to 16 cores, which is the same count as the existing flagship AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D desktop chip. 

Interestingly, RedGamingTech reports that the Ryzen 8000 series will actually see a decrease to the clock speeds compared to the preceding generation. But don’t worry about the performance, as the leaker says the implementation of the next-gen cores should still result in an overall significant performance boost. 

Of course, all of the above is based on rumours and leaks, so we can’t be sure about anything until AMD makes an announcement. To keep in the loop with all of the developments of AMD Ryzen 8000, make sure to bookmark this page.

The Trusted Take

The AMD Ryzen 8000 processors look very promising, with the new Zen 5 architecture seemingly providing a mighty boost to overall performance.

It’s a shame that AMD apparently won’t be upping the core count and the lower clock speeds will undoubtedly raise eyebrows, but that won’t matter too much if the generational architecture upgrades can still provide a big power boost. 

And with rumours indicating that Ryzen 8000 could launch in the first half of 2024, we won’t need to wait very long for the processors to finally arrive.