Apple AirTags are finally getting some positive press coverage

Police in Washington D.C. are distributing free Apple AirTag trackers in an effort to combat car theft in the U.S. capital.

The mayor has announced a new program for resist ends in neighbourhoods that have been afflicted by vehicle theft. Those living in the neighbourhoods affected can turn up to a series of events to pick up their free Apple gadget.

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Because AirTags rely on Apple’s vast Find My network of gadgets, there’s a decent chance the car can be located much faster. Users can keep tabs on the AirTag within the Find My app and be notified if it shows up in the network. Naturally, the mayor reckons the police won’t have access to that location.

And because it’s suspected there are gangs involved in this sort of chicanery, the D.C. cops reckon they could solve multiple cases.

“What we know is individuals that are involved in this type of criminal activity often commit multiple offences, and a single arrest can help bring closure to multiple cases,” DC mayor Major Muriel Bowser said during the announcement this week (via DCist).

The D.C. initiative follows a similar scheme in the New York area, which the major Eric Adams believes helped with the relocation of stolen cars.

So there you have it. AirTags are in the news for a positive reason for a change after all that pesky stalking malarky.