Apple is working on wearable AirPods chargers

Some patent filings seem exciting, others seem unlikely, while others just seem a little outlandish. File the AirPods charging necklace under the latter.

A new patent filing explains how Apple could supplement the traditional charging case with a more wearable option.

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The filing with the United States Patent Office explains how the AirPods could be stored in a bracelet or necklace that could also replenish the battery. It could also be connected to a keyring.

It could be handy to keep them on hand and close to the ears, and fully charged, especially when we’re inclined to leave the case in hard to find locations. While it seems like it might be unsightly, it wouldn’t be beyond Apple’s capabilities to make this an attractive option.

Apple AirPods necklace

Within the patent (via Apple Insider), Apple says: “In some examples, some or all of the housing portion can be flexible or bendable and can be referred to as a flexible portion.

“In some examples, however, the first and second receiving portions can be directly connected to one another, or can even be encompassed or at least partially contained within a housing…”

Apple also explains the accessory could be “looped around an article of clothing, accessory, body part or appendage of a user, or any other object as desired to retain the accessory thereon.”

Finally, the company explains an example where the accessory could be used as a directional speaker.

“By producing or amplifying directional sound as shown, the accessory can allow the user to hear the sound while other people, even those standing directly next to the user, may not be able to hear the sound,” says Apple. “In this way, a user can, for example, continue a phone call being conducted through earbuds when the earbuds are in the accessory and can still maintain a desired level of privacy.”

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Originally posted 2023-08-01 20:10:04.