Bard now pulls info from YouTube videos without having to watch

Amid all of the Microsoft/OpenAI/Sam Altman drama this week, Google is quietly getting on with making its lower-key Bard assistant more useful.

Google has published its latest Bard updates, and one of them will analyse YouTube videos for you and pull out key bits of information.

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Unfortunately for the person who made the video, the information will be extracted without you ever having to watch the video itself.

So the person who poured hours into making the recipe video, and was relying on some pre-roll and mid-video advertisements to make their living, might now miss out.

In a post on the Bard website, Google explained how users can ask the assistant for certain details. We took the assistant for a test run and, lo and behold, one question pulls out the entire ingredient list and methodology.

“Here are the ingredients for the Crispy Pork Belly with Mustard BBQ Sauce as seen in the video,” Bard informed us when testing the new feature.

What: We’re taking the first steps in Bard’s ability to understand YouTube videos. For example, if you’re looking for videos on how to make olive oil cake, you can now also ask how many eggs the recipe in the first video requires.

Why: We’ve heard you want deeper engagement with YouTube videos. So we’re expanding the YouTube Extension to understand some video content so you can have a richer conversation with Bard about it.

Google Bard Updates

So, there you go guys. Now we don’t have to watch YouTube videos anymore.