Christmas is sorted with this tempting Fire HD 10 Kids Pro deal

Black Friday is one of the best times to get Christmas presents on the cheap, whether that’s for a loved one or your own offspring. In fact, Amazon’s money-off deal on the latest Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet makes it a rather tempting Christmas present for the little sprogs in your life.

More specifically, there’s a handsome 35% discount on the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro right now, bringing it down to just £129.99 from its original £199.99 RRP. It comes with a knock-resistant, kid-friendly case in either Nebula, Happy Day or Mint, and it has an extended two-year warranty for added peace of mind. This is meant to be used by kids, after all!

Save 35% on Amazon’s latest Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet

Save 35% on Amazon’s latest Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet

Amazon has lobbed an impressive 35% off the £199.99 RRP of the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro (2023), bringing it down to a much more tempting £119.99. Christmas is sorted!

For all intents and purposes, the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro (2023) is a regular Amazon Fire HD 10 (2023) but with a few key additions to make it a little more appealing to children.

As well as the aforementioned kid-friendly case that protects both the rear and display of the tablet when not in use, you’ll also get a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+. The subscription service provides access to thousands of books, games, videos and more, all tailored to a child-friendly audience.

The Kids version of the tablet also comes with parental controls that’ll let you manage elements like screen-time limits, pausing the device, putting limits on the kind of content they can access and more, all via a smartphone app.

We haven’t had the chance to review the new Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro (2023) just yet, but going by Amazon’s own reviews, it certainly looks positive. The tablet has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 based on 18 reviews, with customers praising the ease of setup, its lightweight nature and the design of the tablet in particular.

One five-star review from Terry D claims that “setup was straight forward” and that the tablet is “so much lighter than the previous version”, while another 5-star review claims that the tablet is “brilliant for the kids” as they “don’t have to be overly worried about what they’re doing”.

The reviewer also claimed that there are “plenty of apps suitable for all ages” which means it’s more than just a kids’ tablet – it could also be a cheap whole-family tablet for watching movies and reading books.

One reviewer even prefers it to an equivalent iPad; “Simple to set up, and for a fraction of the price of an iPad, you get everything a young child could want.”

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