EE rebrands and expands with brand new service and TV platform

EE, the UK’s biggest mobile network, has rebranded and expanded with a new platform and a fresh focus on online services.

In this ‘New EE’, as the BT-owned company is phrasing it, the company’s existing mobile network offerings will form only part of the package. These will still be on offer, but will live alongside other products and services on a new platform accessible through the EE App, website, with a new ‘EE ID’ providing the secure key to accessing all of these goodies.

This new EE platform will offer additional options for payments, as well as technology and subscription management and customer support across a far broader range of products than before. For starters you’ll have access to such categories as Network Connectivity, Subscription Manager, Consumer Electronics Shop, Gaming, Home Security, and Insurance.

Future services will include the ability to use the new EE platform to log in to third party websites.

You’ll also be able to access financing and upgrade options on a wider range of consumer electronics.

New EE set-top-boxes

One big new offering to fall under this ‘New EE’ umbrella will be EE TV. Essentially taking over from BT TV and its range of boxes, this promises a flexible linear TV service with a fresh range of set-top-box options, as bringing a fully integrated EE TV service with live channels to Apple TV 4K.

In a bewilderingly far-roaming range of new service announcements, EE is also introducing EE Fibre 1.6Gbps, its fastest broadband package yet. Indeed, it’s claimed to be “the fastest home broadband speeds of any major provider”.

If you’re wondering how BT plays into all this, it certainly seems as if EE is going to be the main consumer-facing brand of the two going forward. It seems BT will now be offering a more focused portfolio, including standalone broadband and landline services.

Starting from next week, BT customers can expect to be offered the opportunity to join the ‘new EE’ as it becomes time to renew or upgrade their services.

It’s an awful lot to take in, so EE will be launching a TV advertising campaign from this Friday, October 20. Keep an eye on the EE website for more information over the coming days.

Originally posted 2023-10-18 15:49:03.