Football Manager is leaving Game Pass, here are two reasons not to panic

Microsoft announced a bunch of games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass this month, including Football Manager 23, which will get the bullet on November 15.

For some, that might bring fears of lost games unless gamers splash out on the full version of the game to continue their progress.

However, this year there are a couple of really good reasons not to start throwing teacups around the dressing room.

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The first is that Football Manager 2024 (PC and Console) will soon be along to replace FM23 on Xbox Game Pass on November 6. Splendid.

Even better, this time around, you’ll be able to bring your saved game forward from FM23 to FM24. That means you’ll be able to continue your noble aims to bring Shrewsbury Town all the way to Champions League glory, while also being able to enjoy the latest features within the newest version of the game.

This is great news all round and it’s great news for gamers who have persevered with older versions of games for years because they’re attached to the team they’ve built.

In a support page, developer Sports Interactive says:

The following titles have the save game compatibility feature, allowing users to carry their saves forward:

FM23 to FM24
FM23 Console to FM24 Console
FM23 Touch to FM24 Touch

On Xbox, for instance, the game doesn’t have to be installed on the system in order to transfer the game either. SI says “as long as you have previously played FM23 on that platform” you’ll be able to import a saved game to FM24. Back of the net!