Galaxy S24 Ultra could be set for a camera downgrade

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra could be in line for a surprising camera downgrade, according to recent tips.

Established leaker Revegnus has taken to X (formerly Twitter) in recent days to lay out what they claim to be the final Galaxy S24 Ultra camera specifications.

The most notable aspect of this spec list is the periscope telephoto camera. While it’s received a major bump up in resolution to 50MP (from 10MP in the Galaxy S23 Ultra), it can only achieve a 5x zoom (versus 10x in the S23 Ultra).

It seems likely that Samsung will make use of those extra pixels to produce a hybrid zoom effect, combining optical and virtual techniques to achieve similar extended zooms. Whether this will prove as effective as the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s pure optical approach remains to be seen.

One of the major reasons the Galaxy S23 Ultra has remained our top pick for high-end smartphones right through 2023 is because none of its competitors have been able to lay a glove on it when it comes to the zoom capabilities. Presumably Samsung knows what it’s doing here, but there’s definitely room for concern if you’re a fan of the company’s work.

Elsewhere, the post confirms that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will pack a 200MP main sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide, a 10MP 3x telephoto, and a 12MP front-facing camera.

We’re expecting Samsung to officially unveil its Galaxy S24 line-up some time in mid-January. Watch this space for more as we hear it.