Galaxy S24 Ultra pictured side by side with S23 Ultra

Pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra being held alongside the Galaxy S23 Ultra have leaked onto the internet.

We’re just a month or two away from the launch of one of the biggest phones of next year, so the leaks are starting to spring forth. This one’s one of the most informative yet.

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Established leaker Ice Universe has taken to X (formerly Twitter) with a series of hands-on Galaxy S24 Ultra shots initially published on Sogi.

Handily, Samsung’s next flagship phone has been held alongside its immediate predecessor, so we can make some useful observations of how the design has evolved – or at least, the top, bottom, and side of the phone.

The new model is apparently a little thinner than the Galaxy S23 Ultra to the tune of 8.6mm (vs 8.9mm with the Galaxy S23 Ultra).

As noted by Ice Universe, the speaker has moved from a grille format to an extended bar, while air vents have moved to the top of the phone.

Another noteworthy design difference relates to the S Pen, which sits flatter within its slot than the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Flipping to the side of the phone, we see that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s buttons are thicker than those of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The tipster also notes that the new titanium material for the Galaxy S24 Ultra “has better texture” than the aluminium frame of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

It’s getting us even more excited for what should be one of the biggest and best phones of 2024. We still rate the Galaxy S23 Ultra to be the best flagship Android phone on the market, after all.