How to delete X

Twitter recently rebranded to X which could create some confusion for anyone looking to delete their account.

Whether you’re tired of all the changes or simply looking to take a break from X, here’s how to deactivate your account in under five minutes. All you need to follow these steps is a device that runs X and the password to your account. Just remember that – while your account will be deactivated – it won’t permanently disappear for another 30 days. That means you’ll still have the option to return and restore your data up until that cut-off point.

Keep reading to learn how to deactivate your X account on a PC or web browser or scroll to the bottom of this guide for the steps to delete an account on the smartphone or tablet app, along with how to restore your data if you change your mind.

What you’ll need: 

  • An X account 
  • A PC, tablet or smartphone

The Short Version 

  1. Open
  2. Click More
  3. Click Settings And Support
  4. Choose Settings And Privacy
  5. Select Deactivate Your Account
  6. Click Deactivate
  7. Enter your password and hit Deactivate one more time to confirm

How to delete X

  1. This will take you to X (previously Twitter).How to delete X

  2. Step

    Click More

    This will open a dropdown menu on the left. How to delete X

  3. Step

    Click Settings And Support

    This is the last option on the left-hand side. How to delete X

  4. Step

    Choose Settings And Privacy

    This will take you to your account settings. How to delete X

  5. Step

    Select Deactivate Your Account

    This will take you through the steps to deactivate your account. How to delete X

  6. Step

    Click Deactivate

    Make sure to read the text above so you’re fully aware of what will happen to your data when you hit deactivate. How to delete X

  7. Step

    Enter your password and hit Deactivate one more time to confirm

    That’s it! Your account will be permanently deleted 30 days after deactivation. How to delete X


How to delete X on the mobile app

To delete X through the smartphone or tablet apps, simply open up the app, tap your icon in the top left corner, tap Settings And Support and select Settings And Privacy. Then, tap Your Account and Deactivate Your Account. From there you can tap Deactivate, before entering your password and choosing Deactivate one last time.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind about deleting your X account, you have up to 30 days to restore the account. Once this period passes your account will be deleted permanently.

Originally posted 2023-08-07 10:42:14.