How to turn off Double Tap on Apple Watch Series 9

One of the biggest new features of the 2023 duo of new Apple Watch models is a new gesture – but what if you’re not a fan of Double Tap?

By default, the two Apple Watch variants launched in 2023 – the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 – come with the Double Tap gesture enabled if they are running the latest version of watchOS.

While it’s tricky to perform the gesture if you’re not purposely doing it, it possible to disable it completely if you know you’re never going to use it. Here’s how.

What you’ll need: 

  • Either an Apple Watch Series 9 or an Apple Watch Ultra 2

The Short Version 

  • Unlock the Watch
  • Open the app menu
  • Scroll to Settings
  • Tap Gestures
  • Tap Double Tap
  • Toggle it off
  1. Step

    Unlock the Watch

    To begin the process, unlock your Apple Watch so you’re looking at the clock face.Unlock your Apple Watch S9 or Ultra 2

  2. Step

    You’ll next need to open the app menu. To do this, press down on the Digital Crown so you can see a list of all your installed services.Open App library

  3. Step

    Scroll down to the Settings icon and tap it.Scroll down to Settings

  4. Step

    Tap Gestures

    Inside the Settings app there’s an option titled Gestures. Scroll down and select it.Find the Gesture option

  5. Step

    Tap Double Tap

    Next, you’ll want to tap on the Double Tap option, It should be right at the top of the list.Double Tap on

  6. Step

    Toggle it off

    Tap the Double Tap option so it turns from green to grey. It has now been disabled.Toggle double Tap off


Can you change the functionality of the Double Tap gesture?

No, you can’t alter how Double Tap and there are no customisation options available.

What is Double Tap?

Double Tap is a gesture that allows you to navigate the Apple Watch UI by tapping your thumb and finger together. It is only available on the two Apple Watch models launched in 2023 thanks to the improved chipset and its neural engine.