How to turn standard photos into Portrait shots on iPhone 15

Apple unveiled a bunch of photo and camera upgrades alongside the iPhone 15 series, including some tweaks to how the phones capture portrait shots.

By capturing 3D depth data whenever you’re taking photos of people, cats and dogs, there’s a new trick included in the software on the iPhone 15 that lets you add the blurry background bokeh look to shots – even if you didn’t select the dedicated mode before taking the photo.

It’s very simple to do and we’ll run through the steps below so you never need to miss out on the perfect shot again.

What you’ll need: 

  • An iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro

The Short Version 

  • Unlock iPhone
  • Open Photos
  • Find a shot of a person, cat or dog
  • Tap the Portrait icon
  • Turn Portrait on
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  1. Step

    Unlock the iPhone

    First off, unlock the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro. This feature doesn’t work on any other iPhone currently.iPhone 15 Pro Max front TR wallpaper

  2. Step

    Open Photos

    Next, open up the Photos app. This is the app with the colourful icon pictured below.Open Photos iPhone 15

  3. Step

    Find a compatible shot

    This feature works with photos shot on the iPhone 15 models that are of people, cats or dogs. You might have luck with other pictures too, but it’s not designed for that. So, find the picture you want – we’ll be using a shot of a dog taken with the iPhone 15 for this app iphone 15

  4. Step

    Tap the Portrait icon

    You’ll know a photo is compatible because a ‘Portrait’ icon with a drop-down arrow will appear in the top corner of the photo. If this appears, tap portrait iphone 15

  5. Step

    Turn Portrait on

    Two options will now appear. Portrait and Portrait Off. To add the blurry background effect, select Portrait. To remove it simply tap Portrait Off. portait on or off iphone 15


Does this work with all photos?

It does not. This feature is designed for snaps of people, cats and dogs.

Does this work with the iPhone 14 Pro?

Even though the iPhone 14 Pro uses the same A16 Bionic as the iPhone 15, this feature isn’t available on Apple’s 2022 iPhones.