Ikea launches three super-affordable smart home sensors

Ikea has launched a trio of smart home sensors with extremely affordable price tags.

The Swedish furniture behemoth has just announced the Vallhorn wireless motion sensor, the Parasoll door and window sensor, and the Badring water leakage sensor. All provide real-time notifications whenever activity is detected in the home, via the Ikea Home smart app and the company’s existing £60 Dirigera smart hub.

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The €9.99 Parasoll door and window sensor features a discrete design so that it can be placed directly on windows and doors. It can be paired directly with an Ikea light bulb without the Dirigere smart hub acting as an intermediary.

The €7.99 Vallhorn wireless motion sensor can be used either indoors or outdoors, courtesy of IP44 certification, and can be paired with up to 10 Ikea lightbulbs without the smart hub.

Finally, the €9.99 Badring water leakage sensor is designed to be placed near water sources and notify you immediately when moisture is detected via a built-in speaker, as well as the aforementioned mobile notifications.

Ikea uses the Zigbee smart home platform for all of its smart devices. It promises that its new sensors “will be updated to offer more features and options over time”. According to The Verge, that should include the long promised Matter support at some point in the future.

Both the Parasoll and the Vallhorn will hit Ikea stores from January 24, while the Badring will arrive a little later in April 2024.