Marshall Motif II ANC vs Motif ANC: What has changed?

Marshall has launched a sequel to the Motif ANC true wireless in the simply named Motif II A.N.C.

The original Motif ANC was one we liked enough to award it four stars, but suffice to say that reviews across the board were middle of the road. But rather than view that as negative, we’d prefer to spin it into a positive – there’s room for the Motif II ANC to improve on what came before.

So, if you’re thinking of upgrading from the original, or simply interested in what this Marshall true wireless has to offer, read on to see what’s new, different, and the same with the Marshall Motif II ANC.

There’s (almost) no change in price

The original Motif ANC was priced at £179 / $199 / 199 / 1599 CNY / 2195 SEK and the Motif II ANC is virtually the same in each territory, save for Sweden where the price has gone up 100 Krona to 2295 SEK.

Considering how often audio brands use a sequel to raise the price up, it’s refreshing that Marshall has kept the same price across the board. But does the new true wireless offer more value than before?

The Motif II ANC battery gets a boost

marshall motif II ANC press image
credit: Marshall

The Motif true wireless packed 20 hours altogether and offered 4.5 hours of playback from each full charge.

The Motif II ANC expands battery capacity to 6 hours per charge, and 30 hours in total, which our maths tells us is 10 extra hours. There’s wireless charging support too, so you could sit them on a Qi charging mat if you already have one.

The design has been subtly tweaked

The form of the new wireless earbuds is the same as its Motif ANC predecessor, but there have been a few subtle changes to give it a little more flash.

At the bottom of the stem is a gold finish that replicates the gold styling on many of Marshall’s wireless speakers and headphones. The stem also has a different, grippy texture, for when you place the earbuds in the ear or take them out. Both the case and the buds are made from 70% post-consumer recycled plastic.

The Bluetooth performance has been further enhanced

marshall motif II ANC product shot
credit: Marshall

Its predecessor supported Bluetooth 5.2, the Motif II ANC adds to that with support for Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) audio to “ensure the best possible connection” while preserving battery life. Marshall claims Bluetooth LE increases the streaming range, delivers higher quality audio, and improves audio synchronization with video content.

The drive unit is the same size as before

While we can’t comment yet on whether the latest true wireless sounds any different from the original, we do know the size of the drive is the same, with the Motif II ANC boasting a dynamic 6mm unit.

The tuning could be different, but driver impedance and frequency range hits the same spec as before so we’re assuming that the Motif II is a continuation of the sound from the previous bud. We described the original as sporting a crisp sense of detail and strong bass, so we are currently expecting more of the same.

Originally posted 2023-09-04 11:00:00.