Meta Quest Pro update will set tongues wagging

Here’s what virtual, augmented and mixed reality has been missing for all these years – tongue tracking!

Thankfully, the Meta Quest Pro can now monitor the movements of your mouth meat thanks to the latest version of the company’s OpenXR face tracking tech.

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As spotted by UploadVR, the update now means the headset can track how far your tongue is stuck out. While the perverted minds among you might think of some other uses, the main use case for the update is to allow people to be more expressive in their facial expressions than previously.

As the UploadVR writer points out, the absence of tongue movement can “break the illusion” for VR avatars.

While we haven’t seen much in the way of adoption from third-party developers yet, Korejan is using it for its face-tracking model app. You can see it in the video below.

Once the Meta Avatars SDK has been updated to support the feature we may see more widespread adoption.

The update comes as the future of Meta’s high-end mixed reality headset continues to be unclear.

Reports easier this year suggested it had been discontinued amid poor sales and that a planned sequel had been cancelled. Reasoning was was partially attributed to Meta’s to differentiate itself from Apple’s expensive approach to mixed reality with the Vision Pro and a desire to focus on the more affordable Meta Quest 3, which has AR features. However, the report was subsequently rebuffed by Meta.

The 33% price cut not withstanding, it might be significant that Meta is still working on enhancing the experience via software updates that introduce new features.