Microsoft Copilot AI can now generate entire songs from a sentence

Microsoft has revealed a new partnership with the Suno AI songwriting tool, which effectively kills the art of songwriting forever.

The new Copilot integration enables users to enter text prompts, even a single sentence, in order to generate (notice we didn’t day ‘create’) an entire song that includes the lyrics being sung with a band in the background.

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Microsoft says this will “open new horizons for creativity.” despite their being absolutely no creativity deployed in the creation of these “songs”.

Microsoft brags that you won’t need to be able to sing, play an instrument or read music to bring musical ideas to life, which is fantastic news for people who’ve never taken the time to learn said skills, but less so for people who’ve spent a lifetime honing their craft.

All you’ll need to do is enable a free plug-in within Copilot and type something entirely lame like “Create a pop song about adventures with my family” or “make a song about daily life from the perspective of a pet” and hey presto, there’s a song.

“Through this partnership, people will have at their fingertips the ability, regardless of musical background, to create fun, clever, and personalised songs with a simple prompt,” Microsoft says on the Bing blog.

“Suno has been a leader in AI music technology, pioneering the ability to generate complete songs—lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voices—from a single sentence.”

Suno itself is a team of musicians (who should know better) and AI experts (who absolutely don’t) and veterans of the usual social media companies.

The company says it is “building a future where anyone can make great music. Whether you’re a shower singer or a charting artist, we break barriers between you and the song you dream of making. No instrument needed, just imagination. From your mind to music.”