My Deezer Year 2023 crashes the Spotify Wrapped party

With streamers eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay year-end round-ups, Deezer has also delivered the goods for subscribers.

The music streaming service has launched the My Deezer Year feature, offering insight into members’ annual listening habits, new music discovered, and loads more.

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Available from today, My Deezer Year is an in-app experience that’ll take listeners on a “tarot inspired journey” – it’ll recap the past 12 months but also offer a “glimpse into your musical future”

At each turn of the card, subscribers will see their top tracks, favourite artists and the number of listening hours, the number of new artists discovered. There’s also a personalised music quiz based upon the top tracks and some concert recommendations so you can go from streaming through headphones to enjoying in the flesh.

“Did you surpass the global average of 112 new artists our users discovered? Did you exceed the average 519 songs our users listened to this year? Only the cards will tell,” Deezer says in the media release.

“Beyond insights into your top tracks, listening hours, and favorite artists, you’ll also unveil intriguing information about your musical self that you never knew you needed! And as a special highlight, there will be rare cards based on extraordinary listening habits (a special treat for the superfans who can’t stay away from the repeat button!) throughout your My Deezer Year experience.”

Beyond the personalised experience, Deezer is also revealing the top artists, albums and tracks in the UK and globally. Brits have been loving Taylor Swift, Harry’s House by Harry Styles, and Flowers by Miley Cyrus respectively.