Need an iPhone for Christmas? We've found the perfect deal

Anyone looking for an iPhone bargain for Christmas should check out this iPhone 14 contract deal.

It gets you one of the top phones on the market in its 256GB storage guise, together with a 24 month Three contract and 100GB of monthly data, all for just £35 a month. There’s no up from fee to be paid.

That makes a total price of £840, which is only about £40 more than Apple sells the iPhone 14 for outright, without that data-rich contract.

Get a 256GB iPhone 14 with 100GB data for £35 a month

Get a 256GB iPhone 14 with 100GB data for £35 a month

This deal gets you an ‘As New’ 256GB iPhone 14 with 100GB of monthly data for just £35 a month, with no up front fee.

  • Mobile Phones Direct
  • 100GB of monthly data
  • £35 a month, no up front fee

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We should note at this point that these particular iPhone 14 models aren’t brand new. However, this refurbished line is designated ‘As New’, which means that they have been returned within the standard 14-day cooling off period. In other words, they’ve barely been used at all, and are effectively brand new.

What’s more, all such returned handsets are thoroughly checked and tested by Mobile Phones Direct to make sure they work like new. You also get a standard 12 month guarantee.

The iPhone 14 might not be the latest phone in Apple’s line-up, but as we’ve just mentioned, it’s still on the company’s roster. We awarded the iPhone 14 a 4-star review last year, concluding that it’s “a great phone with a top camera, good battery life and all the iOS benefits.”

Our opinion of the phone hasn’t change in the year or so since we wrote that. In light of the iPhone 15 launch, we refreshed our iPhone 14 review to suggest that it’s “still a great phone, just as long as it gets a price cut to reflect its slightly outdated specs”.

It’s fair to say that this excellent contract deal works as just such a price cut. You can buy this iPhone with confidence, and snag yourself a great Christmas deal.