One of the best VPN apps just landed on Apple TV

One of the most popular virtual private network apps – NordVPN – is the latest to arrive on tvOS for Apple TV.

Apple opened-up compatibility for native VPN apps within the tvOS 17 update that came out in September.

However, developers have been slow to adopt apps for tvOS despite knowing about the incoming compatibility since the summer. A couple of weeks ago, ExpressVPN became the first well-known provider to introduce a tvOS app and now Nord has followed suit.

The new Fire TV Stick 4K just nosedived in price

The new Fire TV Stick 4K just nosedived in price

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The app will enable users to mask their IP address and select a server in their own or a different country to connect to. Existing Nord subscribers will simply be able to log in via their credentials.

Traditionally, in this context, VPNs are used to skirt geographical locations within streaming apps and services.

So, for instance, if you have an Apple TV registered with a UK Apple TV account, for instance, you could travel to the United States, log into the VPN and still access apps like BBC iPlayer, Now, ITV X, and the Netflix UK libraries. Because you can now have multiple Apple ID profiles stored on an Apple TV set-top box, you can essentially set one up for each country.

While this is a legal grey area, customers who have paid for said content will argue that it’s their right to watch it wherever they roam. Rights holders will say otherwise, of course.

Nord offers around 5,200 servers around the world and all traffic is encrypted. The use of the proprietary NordLynx protocol should ensure your streaming is uninterrupted as possible, despite pushing it to another server.

You’ll need an Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K running tvOS 17 to get in on the action. The app can be downloaded here.