OnePlus Open titanium claims not quite as impressive as they sound

The OnePlus Open uses titanium alloy in its hinge, but the application of that material has been found to be a little less impressive than it might initially sound.

YouTube website JerryRigEverything recently opened up the OnePlus Open, and discovered that the only titanium alloy element was the screws used in the hinge.

Head over to the official OnePlus Open web listing and the manufacturer mentions that its foldable phone is “Built to the hilt with aerospace materials”, leading the way with “Titanium alloy”.

While such a statement is undoubtedly true, and while said titanium screws are clearly shown in an accompanying hinge animation, it’s not quite the integral material that many might have assumed from the language used.

Certainly not in the same way that titanium alloy is an integral part of the iPhone 15 Pro frame, for example, which is a key reason for its strength and lightness.

Somewhat tricksy language aside, we love the OnePlus Open. We scored it 4.5 stars out of 5 in our review, calling it “a no-compromise experience with excellent displays, great performance, custom foldable camera tech and fast charging, all at a price cheaper than most of the competition.”

This is one of the nicest foldable phones to use day to day, and it does a lot to address longstanding issues we’ve had with the larger foldable form factor. Most notably, it has reduced the visual impact of the display crease, and it has managed to include a genuinely good camera set-up.

If OnePlus had managed to cram more titanium into that frame, meanwhile, it would have presumably prevented it from being able to undercut Samsung and co. on price.