Samsung's top-end Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is cheaper than ever at Amazon

November is famous for one day in particular – and no, sorry Brits, I’m not talking about Guy Fawkes Night. I’m, of course, referring to Black Friday, the biggest sales event of the year when you can genuinely bag yourself a bargain on tech. The big day isn’t until 24 November 2023, but plenty of retailers are getting in on the deal fun early.

That includes retail giant Amazon, offering a tempting deal on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro that brings it down to a rather tempting £379, knocking £100 off its £479 RRP. More specifically, that’ll net you the 45mm sizing in Black Titanium with 4G LTE connectivity.

Save £100 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, down to just £379

Save £100 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, down to just £379

Save big on the highly-rated Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, now just £379 on Amazon! That’s a whopping £100 off the original price and includes 4G LTE connectivity too.

That’s not only a tempting deal because it knocks £100 off the RRP, making it cheaper than the RRP of the standard Wi-Fi-only Watch 5 Pro, and the benefit of 4G connectivity means you can use the smartwatch even when it’s not connected to your phone or Wi-Fi – although you’ll likely have to pay a small monthly fee to use the tech.

As you can see from the above graph, the £379 price tag brings the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro to the cheapest it has been in the past month. However, we can go back even further using Amazon product tracker Keepa to show that this is the cheapest the Watch has been since January 2023. So, if you’ve been thinking about it, now is the perfect time to invest.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro worth buying?


  • Solid fitness tracking services
  • Rugged, sports-ready design
  • Wonderfully bright display


  • Route planning process feels clunky
  • Battery life doesn’t match rival fitness trackers

  • The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is one of the best Wear OS wearables currently available
  • It is a decent competitor to the Apple Watch 7 for any Android phone user
  • It offers advanced health and fitness tracking services traditionally only seen on more premium devices
  • It has a rugged design and is suitable for outdoor adventures
  • The build quality is excellent and it is scratch-resistant
  • The physical controls have a nice tactile feel
  • The screen is bright and vibrant, with inky black levels
  • It features local route tracking and turn-by-turn navigation for trail runners and cyclists
  • It has robust health-tracking capabilities, including ECG heart monitoring and body composition measuring
  • Battery life is decent, lasting 2-3 days with moderate use

There are newer Samsung watches in the form of the Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, but there was no sign of a true Pro variant, leaving the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro as the latest ‘pro’ level smartwatch from the company.

That means that, as at launch, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro remains one of the best WearOS watches currently available, offering a solid smartwatch experience that can comfortably compete with the Apple Watch experience. That’s complete with customisable watch faces, solid notification support with Quick Reply functionality and, of course, a plethora of standalone apps.

Of course, it’s not just a smartwatch – it’s also a very capable fitness tracker, boasting advanced insights into your general health and fitness with some of the best sleep tracking we’ve seen. There’s also local route tracking, turn-by-turn navigation for trail runners and elements like body composition monitoring and, of course, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring.

However, some of the more advanced features – like blood pressure monitoring – require a Samsung smartphone specifically, so even if you are an Android user, you’ll need a Samsung phone to get the most out of the wearable.

If you want to find out more, make sure you take a look at our comprehensive Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review.

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