Sky Stream has just plummeted in price for Black Friday

Sky Stream has just hit a brilliantly low price for Black Friday.

The UK broadcasting giant’s streaming provision is currently going for just £19 a month over the full length of an 18 month contract, with no up front fee.

Normally this package would cost you £26 a month, which means that you’re saving £7 a month. That’s a huge £126 saving overall.

Save £126 on Sky Stream with Sky Entertainment & Netflix

Save £126 on Sky Stream with Sky Entertainment & Netflix

Sky is offering a whopping £126 saving on Sky Stream with Sky Entertainment & Netflix.

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  • Save £126
  • Now £19 a month

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The Sky Stream is a streaming puck that plugs into your TV, and offers a portal onto a vast world of streaming content.

This Sky Entertainment & Netflix package, as Sky is describing it, gets you access to Sky programming with no satellite dish. You’ll get all the Sky Originals and Sky Exclusives, 100 Freeview channels (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc.), Discovery+, Eurosport, and of course a Netflix Basic subscription bundled in (which can be upgraded).

Further TV packs can be easily added for an additional fee, many of which are also going cheap this Black Friday. So, for example, the Sky Sports package will currently set you back £20 a month rather than the usual £25. TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport) can be added for £28 a month rather than the regular £30.

Elsehwhere, Sky Movies costs another £11 a month. If you want to up the quality of your broadcasts, meanwhile, you can pay another £6 a month for the UHD & Dolby Atmos package, or add ad skipping for £5 a month.

We reviewed Sky Stream recently, and awarded it an excellent 4.5 stars out of 5. “An excellent premium streamer from Sky that puts content at the core of its offering,” we concluded.

With this Black Friday bundle, Sky Stream is at its most appealing yet.