Sky's Black Friday bundle is an absolute treat

Sky is offering a brilliant Black Friday bundle that gets you a great TV package and superfast broadband for a low monthly fee.

The deal incorporates Sky Stream, Sky TV, a Netflix subscription, and Superfast Broadband, all at £36 a month for 18 months. That’s a total bargain when you break it down into its constituent components.

Get Sky Stream, TV, and Broadband for £36 a month

Get Sky Stream, TV, and Broadband for £36 a month

Sky is offering a fantastic bundle this Black Friday, incorporating Sky Stream, Sky Entertainment & Netflix, and Sky Superfast Broadband for just £36 a month.

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  • Sky Stream, TV, and Broadband
  • Now £36 a month

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We’re big fans of the Sky Stream service. It provides you with a compact streaming puck and a remote, and is the ideal window onto a world of Sky content.

We awarded Sky Stream 4.5 out of 5 in our review, concluding that it was “An excellent premium streamer from Sky that puts content at the core of its offering”.

Among the best features of this streaming service is its accessible UI and its democratic approach to content discovery. Yes, it might be a Sky device, but it takes a platform-agnostic approach to finding something to watch.

We also appreciate the support for Dolby Vision and Atmos, meaning your streamed content will look and sound as good as possible through the Sky Stream box.

Besides the box itself, you’re also getting the Sky Entertainment & Netflix package bundled in. This gets you access to 150 channels and more than 30,000 shows, and you can easily opt to pay to add on TV packs like Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

All of this will stream seamlessly over Sky Broadband, with average download speeds of 61 Mb/s.

Effectively, this Black Friday Sky deal is your one stop shop to getting up an running with an all-inclusive broadband and streaming package.