Sonos One SL is now cheaper than the Sonos Roam

There’s already been one One SL deal that dropped before Black Friday but now there’s an even better one over at eBay

eBay has dropped its Black Friday code that gets you a big reduction across a range of devices, with that code you can get the Sonos One SL for £107. That’s cheaper than what the Sonos Roam is currently selling for during the Black Friday sale.

Sonos One SL is now cheaper than the Sonos Roam

Sonos One SL is now cheaper than the Sonos Roam

eBay has dropped its code for Black Friday, and with it you can get the Sonos One SL for almost £100

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  • £107.20 with BUYBETTER20 code

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The Sonos One SL was warded five-stars when we reviewed the speaker, and what makes it different from the majority of other Sonos speakers is that the One SL doesn’t feature any built-in microphones. If you’re someone who values their privacy, the One SL is a wireless speaker that will safeguard any concerns.

The lack of microphones does mean that there’s no compatibility with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, though it does still support Trueplay to optimise the speaker’s sound for wherever it’s placed in a room. If you want the audio corrected for the room it’s in, it does mean that you’ll have to apply Trueplay every time it’s moved, but if you’re not bothered, you can always ignore it.

The One SL seamlessly integrates into the Sonos ecosystem, so if you have other Sonos speakers in the home, you can connect the One SL and play music to all of them as part of multi-room system. The Sonos app also supports a wide range music streaming services, so any service that you fancy (and have a subscription for) you can play straight to your speaker. Of all the streaming apps we’ve used for various wireless speakers over the years, the Sonos app is one of the easiest and most accessible we’ve tested.

The main reason you’ll be buying this speaker is because of how it sounds, and it’s no let down in that regard. It sounds much bigger than its size would suggest, with a presentation that is well-balanced across the frequency range, featuring lots of clarity and detail in the midrange. It’s not the biggest performer in terms of bass, but what’s provided is not insubstantial and enough to get a good performance from bass-heavy genres.

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