The Apple Watch Ultra just beat Garmin on price

The Apple Watch Ultra can now be had for a lower price than its biggest outdoorsy smartwatch rival.

Over on Amazon, you can now pick up the original Apple Watch Ultra with a lovely Yellow Ocean Band (other straps are more expensive) for just £599 as part of its Black Friday sales event.

This is a £100 saving on its previous price, £250 less than its launch price, and £200 less than the current price of the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Which, as we concluded in our recent review, isn’t all the much of an upgrade at all.

Save £100 on the Apple Watch Ultra this Black Friday

Save £100 on the Apple Watch Ultra this Black Friday

Amazon is selling the Apple Watch Ultra for £599 this Black Friday, which is a saving of £100, and is £250 less than the launch price.

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Perhaps more interesting than all of that is the fact that this brings the price of the Apple Watch Ultra below that of its key outdoors smartwatch competitors, the Garmin Epix Pro (Gen 2) and the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro.

Apple isn’t selling the original Apple Watch Ultra as new any more, but that in itself is somewhat telling. The company will often shuffle relatively recent products off the roster prematurely when the replacement isn’t a significant upgrade, lest they confuse customers and/or cannibalise sales of the newer product.

That certainly seems to be the case here. The Apple Watch Ultra remains the same brilliant outdoors smartwatch that we gave a 4-star review last year.

“The Apple Watch Ultra is a great smartwatch that takes everything you get from the Series 8 and gives it a design and feature set update and greater battery life to make it a much better companion on hikes and long runs as well as for more extreme use in the watery depths,” we concluded.

Our main criticism of the Apple Watch was that “It’s not cheap”. We still wouldn’t exactly call it cheap, but at £250 less than launch price we might bump that criticism to the bottom of the pile – or else remove it entirely.