The flagship Pixel 7 is cheaper than the Pixel 7a at Amazon

It’s November, which can only mean one thing: Black Friday is almost here. But while we’re still a couple of weeks away from the big sales day, there are plenty of retailers already offering a range of tempting bargains – and that includes retail giant Amazon, even if they’re not technically Black Friday-themed.

One particularly tempting deal focuses on the flagship-level Google Pixel 7, offering a whopping 30% discount on its £599 RRP, bringing it down to just £415 for a limited time. That’s for the 128GB model in Obsidian, by the way, and at its new price, it’s cheaper than Google’s £449 Google Pixel 7a, essentially offering a free upgrade if the mid-range model tempted you.

Get the Pixel 7 for a budget-beating £415 at Amazon

Get the Pixel 7 for a budget-beating £415 at Amazon

Save 30% on the highly-rated Google Pixel 7 at Amazon, bringing it down from £599 to just £415, making it cheaper than the mid-range Google Pixel 7a at £449, essentially offering a free upgrade for tempted smartphone fans.

While it’s true that the Google Pixel 7 has recently been replaced by the Google Pixel 8, but beyond minor upgrades like a faster 120Hz refresh rate, Tensor G3 power and a tweaked primary lens, the two smartphones are functionally identical.

Both offer a top-tier photography experience, a clean approach to Android with unique AI features and functionality that extend to camera effects and editing tools and solid everyday performance, meaning you’re not missing out on that much by opting for the year-old model.

As you can see from the above chart, the price has been fluctuating over the past 30 days, although we did see it slightly cheaper during Amazon’s Prime Day event in October.

Is the Google Pixel 7 worth buying?

Still a very tempting choice, even with the Pixel 8 now available


  • Great camera
  • Good screen
  • Stylish design


  • Few upgrades from the Pixel 6
  • No telephoto camera
  • Slow charging

  • The Pixel 7 is a charming and impressive all-rounder
  • It has a particularly impressive camera system
  • It is now cheaper in the wake of the Pixel 8 release
  • The design is suave-looking and attractive
  • It has an IP68 water resistance rating
  • The screen is good quality with a sharp resolution of 1080×2400
  • The camera takes excellent photos overall, with impressive detail and versatility
  • The phone has good CPU and GPU performance, running on the Tensor G2 chip
  • The software is attractive and useful, with helpful features for the camera
  • The battery life is decent and the phone supports wireless charging

The Google Pixel 7 may now be a year old, but even in the face of the Google Pixel 8, it’s still worth a buy. The smartphone offers a great all-round experience with flagship-level performance, unique AI features and camera tech that can still give the best Androids around a run for their money.

The design is sophisticated and attractive with Google’s signature camera bar on the rear, complete with IP68 dust and water resistance that’ll protect it from a dunk in water. The 6.3-inch OLED display is compact with a pin-sharp resolution that lends itself well to everyday scrolling and gaming with solid performance from Google’s Tensor G2 chipset.

Of course, it’s all about the cameras with Google’s Pixel range, and the Pixel 7 doesn’t disappoint. We found that the camera takes excellent photos with impressive levels of detail and skin tone accuracy that remains unmatched by the competition. It takes that a step further with unique AI-powered shooting modes like Night Sight and Super Res Zoom, as well as AI-powered editing tools like Magic Eraser and Magic Unblur to perfect your shots.

Throw in a clean approach to Android with unique AI-focused features, and the fact that the Pixel 8 doesn’t do much to change the Pixel formula, and you’ve got a very tempting phone at an incredibly tempting price.

If you want to find out more, make sure you take a look at our comprehensive Google Pixel 7 review.

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