The Galaxy Z Flip 4 has fallen to a mid-range price

It’s taken a while to get here but foldable phones are finally down to an affordable price and this deal proves it.

Giffgaff has just dropped an absolute banger, letting you pick up a ‘like new’ refurbished Galaxy Z Flip 4 for just £479 SIM-free. This is perfect for anyone who’s been tempted to make the leap to foldable phones but has otherwise been put off by high asking prices.

It’s worth mentioning that Giffgaff requires you to buy a SIM with the phone but you can always opt for the £10 monthly rolling option (the cheapest one available) and then cancel it immediately afterwards, saving you from having to pay any more than £489 in total, which is still a bargain price for a foldable that was only released last year.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 is now a mid-range phone

Galaxy Z Flip 4 is now a mid-range phone

If you’ve been waiting for an affordable means of upgrading to a foldable phone then now’s your chance with this incredible Z Flip 4 deal.

  • Giffgaff
  • ‘Like new’ refurbished
  • Now £479

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While there are plenty of alternatives now from the likes of Oppo and Motorola, Samsung has had longer to finesse the design strategy of its Flip line and the forth iteration shows just how far the company has come in bringing foldable phones to the mainstream.

The Z Flip 4 feels sturdy in your hand, dissuading any fears about the durability of foldable phones, and once you start using it you’ll soon realise that it’s the same great Samsung experience but with a few extra features that make use of the design.

For instance, the ability to fold the phone to a 90-degree angle makes it perfectly suited for vlogging on the go or getting the perfect group shot without needing to keep the phone in your hand. Simply pop it down on a surface, fold the screen slightly and you’re good to go.

You’ll probably find yourself being more productive too as the Z Flip 4’s cover screen is designed to give you essential information at a glance so that you don’t keep opening the phone and spending time scrolling through apps mindlessly (let’s face it, we’ve all been there).

When you do unfold the Flip however, the interior 6.7-inch AMOLED display is great for watching content on the go, and that’s before mentioning the portability of the Z Flip 4 which can easily fit into a bag or shirt pocket.

While the Z Flip 5 is a solid device in its own right, it’s far more expensive with a £1049 starting price so if you’re tied to a strict budget then the Z Flip 4 is certainly the more cost effective option.