The Honor Pad X9 is the perfect budget tablet with this Cyber Monday deal

Black Friday might technically be over, but there are still plenty of Cyber Monday deals to choose from – and that means there’s still time to get a tempting discount on a new piece of tech.

That includes Honor’s already-budget Honor Pad X9, which has an incredible 23% off at Amazon, bringing its price down to just £139.99 from its original £199 RRP.

Honor’s super-affordable tablet just got even cheaper

Honor’s super-affordable tablet just got even cheaper

Honor’s Pad X9, which has always been very competitively priced for the specs, has stepped it up for Cyber Monday with a 23% discount that takes it to the lowest price since its launch in July.

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  • Was £179.99
  • Now £139.99

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That’s exceptional value for money considering the Honor Pad X9 has a stunning 11-inch 120Hz display, compared to the smaller 60Hz 720p displays from Amazon’s similarly priced Fire HD range.

Plus, looking at Amazon product tracker Keepa, we can see that the current price represents the cheapest the tablet has been since its release in July. That makes this a particularly tempting Cyber Monday steal.

Is the Honor Pad X9 worth buying?

A great value tablet that appears more premium than it actually is


  • Fast 120Hz screen
  • Great minimalist design
  • Solid performance


  • Not the sharpest display
  • Pushy bloatware
  • Speakers distort at higher volumes

The super-fluid display is one of the fundamental selling points of the X9. The animations of scrolling, opening apps and more feel incredibly smooth and fast, which delivers a real quality experience you can’t get with 60Hz. On top of that, it boasts a 16:10 aspect ratio Full HD+ resolution. Pair that with a well-refined, sleek body and you have a tablet that looks every bit like a premium device.

Battery is also impressive, with an hour of video only taking 6% in a dimly lit room. It also stacks up very well against similarly-priced competition. Alongside the resolution and the price, this could be an ideal tablet for TV and film, especially while travelling.

While it’s unrealistic to expect iPad Pro-level performance from a tablet in this price range, the Snapdragon 685 chipset and 4GB of RAM are enough to run dual windows (such as YouTube and your browser) and generally provide very satisfactory performance.

All in all, the Honor Pad X9 is a real winner for the price point, even without this big discount, so now is the time to swoop in if you’re looking for a new tablet.

To find out more, take a look at our full Honor Pad X9 review.

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