The incredible, 5-star Spark Go guitar amp is £30 off

The Positive Grid Spark Go guitar amp offers a world of great sounding tones in a package no larger than a soda can. You can save £30 now and get it before Christmas.

Amazon UK is selling the five-star rated Spark Go amp for just £119. That’s a £30 saving on the original £149 asking price (since dropped to £129) for this wondrous gadget that’s a must have for guitarists who like a little portability.

Save £30 on the Positive Grid Spark Go guitar amp, now just £119

Save £30 on the Positive Grid Spark Go guitar amp, now just £119

The Positive Grid Spark Go amp is a wonder of modern amp design. Tiny, powerful, versatile and just fun. You can save £30 on the original £149 asking price right now.

This is a fantastic deal simply because of the great sound combined with the brilliant versatility of the Spark Go amp, which doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker too, allowing you to combine the functionality in one portable package.

The Positive Grid app, which is free with the purchase of the amp, also includes thousands of guitar tones – some created by the company and others by the community – which allows guitarists to replicate iconic guitar sounds from their favourite songs and artists.

And, thanks to that Bluetooth speaker compatibility you can play along with your favourite songs too, with the diminutive amp looped around your belt. Let the duckwalks around the living room commence.

This isn’t the absolute cheapest we’ve seen on the Positive Gird Spark Go amp. It got down as low as £99 on Black Friday. However, if you’re looking for a last minute Christmas gift for the guitarist in your life, you can currently get it delivered Christmas Eve with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Is the Positive Grid Spark Go worth buying?

Tiny design meets mighty performance as the Spark Go provides the ultimate in guitar amp portability


  • Incredibly portable package
  • Great value for money with tone library
  • 12-hours of battery life
  • Sound does over perform speaker size
  • Awesome app-based features


  • Small 2-inch speaker with only 5W power
  • Feedback when worn on body
  • Limited on-amp controls

I reviewed the Spark Go amp this year and duly gave it a full five-star review, which you can see from the review summary above. I loved the battery-powered form factor that made it incredibly portable, while the design remained consistent with other larger models in the range. The Bluetooth speaker functionality was ace for jamming with your faves, while the 2-inch speaker was enough to fill the room without pushing the volume too high.

I concluded: “Positive Grid has played another blinder with the Spark Go. The Spark Go requires compromises in terms of sound quality, but the amp still outperforms its physical limitations. For users seeking ultimate freedom in terms of portability, wearability of the amp, and on-the-go battery power, it may be the perfect solution. Those app-based features do so much of the leg work, but it’s still remarkable so much can be squeezed into a product the size of one single effects pedal.”

If you want to find out more, make sure you take a look at our comprehensive Positive Grid Spark Go review

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