The iPhone 12 is a rare Apple bargain this Black Friday

It can be hard work uncovering genuinely great deals on Apple devices, but this Black Friday iPhone 12 contract offer is a total bargain.

The deal gets you an iPhone 12 on a 24 month Three contract with unlimited data for just £25 a month. There’s no up front fee either, so there really is no barrier to entry.

That’s a total price of £600 for a stylish iPhone and unlimited data. Not bad at all.

Get the iPhone 12 with unlimited data for £25 a month

Get the iPhone 12 with unlimited data for £25 a month

The iPhone 12 can be had on a contract with unlimited data for £25 a month and no up front fee.

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  • Unlimited data
  • £25 a month, no up front fee

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It’s certainly true that the iPhone 12 isn’t as fresh-faced as it used to be. But while the iPhone 15 is fresh on the market, we wouldn’t discount the the iPhone 12 altogether.

We revised our review earlier this year and concluded that “It may not be the most recent iPhone, but the iPhone 12 can still offer plenty of bang for its buck”.

Talking of our review, we awarded the iPhone 12 4.5 stars out of 5, praising its fantastic design, reliable cameras, and strong performance. All of those things still hold up today.

On the design front, the iPhone 12 is where Apple last really changed things up. You can still see the same flat-edged design language in today’s iPhone 15.

As for those cameras, a pair of 12MP sensors capture bright, clear, impeccably exposed snaps in all lighting conditions. All the while, Apple’s custom A14 Bionic processor continues to perform wonders.

Factor in Apple’s impeccable ongoing software support – the iPhone 12 will be getting new iOS versions for a couple more years yet – and you have a classy little phone that’s still very much relevant.