The new Apple Pencil just got its first price cut

For anyone who was lucky enough to unwrap a new iPad under the tree this Christmas, you absolutely need to see this Apple Pencil price drop.

Amazon’s just given the new Apple Pencil (USB-C) its first price reduction, letting you bag the must-have accessory for just £74.99.

Granted, it isn’t exactly a monumental saving over the Pencil’s original £79 price tag but it is the cheapest price it’s gone for yet so if you are tempted to bring an Apple Pencil into the mix and dabble in some digital art in 2024 then this offer is well worth snapping up.

First price cut for the Apple Pencil USB-C

First price cut for the Apple Pencil USB-C

If you’re looking to do more with your iPad, whether it be digital drawing or note-taking, then the new Apple Pencil is a must-buy especially with its first-ever reduction.

  • Amazon
  • First ever price cut
  • Now £74.99

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The only thing that’s a tad frustrating (and if you’re an existing Apple fan then you already know what I’m referring to) is that it can be tricky to understand where the new Apple Pencil sits in the current line-up of existing Apple Pencils. Apple itself doesn’t do a particularly great job of explaining the differences either, so allow me to help.

Out of the three Apple Pencils that are currently available, I’d argue that this one (the USB-C model) is the best pick for most people. Not only is it the most affordable option of the bunch, but it still packs plenty of great features so you’ll never feel as if you’re getting a lesser experience.

For starters, the USB-C Pencil boasts the textured design of the far more expensive Apple Pencil 2 (£139), which lets you get a better grip on the device as you use it. Take it from me as someone who bought (and soon sold) the rounded Apple Pencil 1, this updated design is far more comfortable to hold, making it better suited for any long stints of note-taking.

As its name implies, this Apple Pencil charges via a built-in USB-C port which is far more handy than the outdated and functionally backwards Lightning-port design of the Apple Pencil 1 which, if you didn’t have an adapter to hand, was a right hassle to charge.

To top it all off, while it doesn’t wirelessly charge, the new Apple Pencil does feature a magnetic build which can allow it to sit atop of a compatible iPad when it’s not in use, and it’ll be right there to pick up again when you need to start drawing.

It might all sound a little convoluted but the actual experience of writing and drawing with the Apple Pencil USB-C is anything but, and it’s easily a must-buy accessory for anyone who currently owns a compatible iPad.