The next-gen CarPlay looks incredible on the 2024 Aston Martin and Porsche

Apple has announced the first cars that’ll rock the exciting-looking next-generation version of CarPlay. That’s the good news.

The bad news is, it’s only good news if you’re partial to spending a few quid on a brand new Porsche or an Aston Martin.

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From next year, those luxury manufacturers will be the first to debut the significantly enhanced version of the iPhone-based infotainment platform, which utilises all available displays within the car.

Details were announced by Apple today (h/t Cool Hunting), with each of the manufacturers able to put their own spin on things; unlike the current version of CarPlay which is standard across all vehicles.

The new CarPlay on a Porsche for example, will align closer to the iconic car company’s seat pattern, while there are three circular gauges behind the wheel. That interface will be stretched across three displays as you can see from the main image.

Meanwhile, Aston Martin’s distinct look (below) will feature a central information point behind the wheel, perhaps for media or the next direction from Apple Maps, while there’s also a speedometer and tachometer. The more familiar CarPlay interface sits off on the main display.

The new CarPlay will also be able to interact with the car’s native computer system to show information like tire-pressure, which is a great option that ensures things will be a little more uniform.

CarPlay Aston Martin 2024

Better still, CarPlay will power up as soon as the car is turned on without having to wait for it to load through Bluetooth or through the Wired connection.

“With the next generation of CarPlay, we partnered with automakers to design an entirely new, unified experience that enables the very best of Apple and each particular automaker,” says Alan Dye who is the VP of human interface design at Apple

“It is a blend of a user’s personal experience of iPhone paired with a celebration of the strong brand identity of each automaker. The next generation of CarPlay also introduces a driving experience that leverages the advanced capabilities of the car along with the power of iPhone.

“We’ve designed a complete system of controls that allows for seamless interactions between vehicle functions alongside the features of iPhone.”

Considering this next-gen version of CarPlay was previewed way back in June 2022, it’s good to know it’ll finally be out in the wild soon. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it arrives in real people cars too!