The Pixel Tablet finally has its first Black Friday discount

Black Friday is still technically a little under 24 hours away, but that hasn’t stopped most big retailers from offering stunning discounts on a range of products, from high-end TVs to mobiles and even tablets, with Google’s new Pixel Tablet finally getting in on the deal fun over at Amazon.

More specifically, Amazon has hacked £100 off the £599 RRP of the Google Pixel Tablet, bringing it down to a more affordable £499. That’s available in both the Hazel and Porcelain finishes over at the retail giant, along with 128GB of storage for your apps, games, photos and videos.

Get £100 off the Google Pixel Tablet at Amazon

Get £100 off the Google Pixel Tablet at Amazon

We’ve been treated to our first-ever discount on the Google Pixel Tablet this Black Friday, bringing the hybrid tablet/smart display system down to £499.

That’s a pretty tempting deal that fixes one of our biggest complaints with the Google Pixel Tablet back at launch – a much higher price in the UK than in the US. At its temporary £499 price tag, the Pixel Tablet is a much more tempting option that offers a hybrid tablet and smart display experience unique to Google’s proposition.

In fact, looking at Amazon product price tracker Keepa, we can see that the current £499 price is the lowest the tablet has been since its launch in June. That makes this a particularly tempting bargain if you were already considering the Pixel Tablet as your next big tech purchase.

Is the Google Pixel Tablet worth buying?

home screen on pixel tablet

A servicable slab that doesn’t really do enough to beat the iPad


  • Sharp screen
  • Dock is a handy charging accessory and a unique feature
  • Far more affordable in the US
  • Pixel UI works well on a tablet


  • Dull design
  • The speaker dock doesn’t sound great
  • Screen only 60Hz
  • Price is far too high in the UK
  • Doesn’t have all the Nest Hub software features

The Google Pixel Tablet is an interesting first punt at a tablet from the company behind the Android operating system – for better and for worse.

While the Pixel Tablet’s simplistic design may resemble a tablet from the late 2010s, it has a secret weapon: a magnetic speaker base.

This allows the tablet to transform from your regular portable glass slab to something resembling the Nest Hub smart display when not in active use, complete with most of the smart display features you’d expect. It can answer queries, play YouTube videos and display big-screen widgets for at-a-glance info.

It’s also handy for music playback, though we felt that the sound on offer doesn’t quite match the premium price tag of the kit. This won’t be your go-to for music playback, then, but it was more than serviceable for Google Assistant queries, audiobooks, and YouTube watching.

The biggest hangup we had about the Pixel Tablet, however, was its price – especially compared to the US. Starting at £599, the Pixel Tablet is more expensive than some iPads, and the hardware doesn’t quite match up to Apple’s tablet collection. However, at a reduced £499, the Pixel Tablet becomes a much more appealing alternative to an iPad.

To find out more, take a look at our full Google Pixel Tablet review.

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