The powerful Echo Studio is going cheap right now

If you missed out on the October Prime Day sales at Amazon, you can still pick up the brilliant-sounding Echo Studio smart speaker with Alexa on the cheap.

Right now the Echo Studio is 25% off and available for £164.99. That’s £55 off the asking price of £219.99. Fair play! You can choose from a speaker in charcoal or glacier white.

Echo Studio Alexa speaker is £55 off

Echo Studio Alexa speaker is £55 off

The second-gen Amazon Echo Studio smart speaker with Alexa is down to £164.99. That’s £55 off Amazon’s most powerful, best-sounding Echo.

The Echo Studio is Amazon’s best sounding Echo speaker ever and includes Dolby Atmos spatial audio, while also supporting Ultra HD hi-resolution audio. For music, the spatial audio is compatible with Amazon Music Unlimited. Naturally, it’s Alexa enabled and works as a smart home hub too.

Amazon is pretty-proud of the Sonos-like way the speaker adapts to the environment to optimise playback for your space. Like other Alexa speakers, the Echo Studio can also be used as an intercom to communicate with family members in other parts of the house.

This is the second-generation of the Echo Studio and came out in 2022. We’re big fans of the support for the more immersive, lossless music formats, as well as the rapid Alexa performance. Our reviewer Kob Monney was also keen on the big, spacious sound and powerful bass.

He said it works best for people already immersed in the Amazon Echo system (i.e. with Alexa gadgets and Amazon Music Unlimited) and wasn’t too keen on the price hike following the first-gen. Despite the increase, it remains one of the cheapest Dolby Atmos speakers around.

However, with this deal, that’s no longer a concern for anyone. Kob concluded it was worthy of a four-star review for the 2022 Echo Show.

“Its support for 3D audio differentiates it from other speakers in its orbit, and if you like bass you’ll enjoy the Echo Studio’s propensity for giving tracks plenty of welly, though your neighbours may not be as forgiving,” he wrote. “There are areas for improvement: high frequencies could benefit from more brightness while the addition of the Stereo Spatial Enhancement feature has its plusses and minuses.”

Originally posted 2023-10-13 18:44:57.