The Z Flip 4 has a next-level Boxing Day price cut

In what is easily the best foldable deal I’ve seen this year, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is now outrageously affordable.

For anyone who’s been waiting on a foldable phone bargain, now’s your chance to upgrade. You can get last generation’s Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 with 100GB of data for just £29 a month and only £19 upfront.

I’ve had my ear to the ground this year where foldable phone deals are concerned and while there have definitely been more noteworthy offers than ever before, I’ve yet to see anything come even close to the level of value being offered here.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 on the cheap

Galaxy Z Flip 4 on the cheap

You can now nab the Galaxy Z Flip 4 on a seriously low monthly cost with a whopping 100GB of data, finally letting you grab a foldable phone on the cheap.

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  • Just £19 upfront
  • Only £29/month

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Even though the Z Flip 4 has been superseded by the Flip 5, the two phones are still incredibly similar with the latter’s main upgrade being a larger cover screen on the outside, but beyond that they boast nearly identical functionality which is why the Flip 4 is still a great phone to this day.

After plenty of teething problems with its earlier foldable and flippable devices, Samsung struck gold with the Z Flip 4 as the company was able to show why the foldable form factor is here to stay with a device that ticks all the boxes.

For starters, durability is no longer a red flag. Thanks to the iterations that came before it, the Z Flip 4 is a sturdy device that’s designed to withstand daily use, so you can open and close the screen without worry, letting you enjoy all the benefits of its form factor.

Speaking of which, the Flip line is particularly helpful for content creators. Because the Flip 4 effectively has a built-in stand when you fold the screen inwards to a 90-degree angle, you can shoot stable, to-camera footage anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to recreate the latest dance craze or even do some vlogging, just pop the phone down on a surface and you’re good to go.

It’s also worth nothing that because of the Z Flip 4’s cover display, you’ll probably find yourself spending less time mindlessly scrolling through apps. You can see right away if there are any important notifications on the cover screen but if there aren’t, you don’t have to open the phone to investigate further, letting you focus on any tasks at hand.

For these reasons, not to mention its great cameras and gorgeous inner display, the Z Flip 4 is still a great phone in 2023 and well worth snapping up at this price.