This Black Friday SIM deal gets you 125GB data for £12

If you’re happy with your current smartphone, and just want an absolute ton of data for a low monthly payment, this Black Friday SIM deal could be for you.

Smarty is offering a monthly rolling SIM-only deal that snags you a whopping 125GB of monthly data for just £12. Normally, this particular SIM contract would net you 100GB of data, so it represents a major bump.

Get 125GB of data for just £12 a month

Get 125GB of data for just £12 a month

Get 125GB of monthly data for the price of 100GB, which is just £12 a month.

  • Smarty
  • 125GB of data
  • £12 a month

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This 25GB of bonus data will disappear after your first year, but 100GB is not to be sniffed at. You’ll do well to find a better deal elsewhere.

And besides, with this being a monthly rolling contract, you’re not obliged to continue with it once that bonus data is off the table.

If you’re wondering who Smarty is, and whether it can be trusted, it’s the UK MVNO owned by Hutchison 3G UK Limited. That’s the parent company of Three, one of the UK’s four big mobile network operators.

Unsurprisingly, Smarty runs on Three’s network, offering many of the same benefits, but generally for a much cheaper price through its excellent SIM-only service contracts. It attains those savings by being online-only.

Benefits include monthly rolling contracts (so you can quite quickly and cheaply) and no restrictions on EU roaming and tethering.

What’s more, with Three due to merge with Vodafone at some point in the future, Smarty could soon be operating on the biggest mobile network in the country. That means top notch coverage and even better access to 5G speeds.

Pair this SIM with one of the best smartphones of 2023, maybe on some kind of deal this Black Friday, and you’re laughing.