This Pixel 8 deal has already won Black Friday

The big sales day may not kick off until later this month, but there are plenty of retailers already getting in on the Black Friday fun with a whole host of deals on a range of tech. That extends to mobile contracts, with retailers like already offering impressive discounts on contracts from many leading UK operators.

In fact, one particular deal will net you the Pixel 8 on contract – and it’ll cost you less than the phone itself over the course of 24 months. The deal in question bundles the Google Pixel 8 along with a whopping 250GB of 5G data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts on the iD Mobile network for £26.99 per month with no upfront cost or hidden charges. 

Get the Pixel 8 for £26.99 per month with £0 upfront

Get the Pixel 8 for £26.99 per month with £0 upfront

Get the recently released Pixel 8 with 250GB of 5G data for just £26.99 per month with no upfront cost. That works out cheaper than the phone’s RRP over the 24-month contract!

  • 250GB of data
  • £26.99 per month

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That’s not only an incredible deal due to the whopping 250GB data allowance and the fact you’ll end up paying less for the phone than its RRP (£699, compared to £647 overall with this contract) but because the phone was only released in mid-October. To see such a competitive deal this soon after release is indeed a surprise, and one that consumers in need of an upgrade should take advantage of. 

The Google Pixel 8 is a great smartphone to get your hands on too, achieving a 4.5-star rating and the Trusted Reviews Recommended award in our full review. 

We praised its unique AI-infused features, Tensor G3 chipset and the camera performance in particular, with the latter offering both unique shooting modes and handy advanced AI-powered editing tech that lets you remove subjects from images, sounds from videos and much more.

It also boasts the best long-term software support of any phone on the market right now, with Google committing to a whopping seven OS upgrades that’ll take the Pixel 8 through to Android 21. That’s a significant boost compared to the Pixel 7 that’ll mean your phone will continue to get better over time – much like a fine wine. 

If you’re tempted, you’d better be quick. While the Black Friday deals will likely continue throughout November, there’s no guarantee that this specific deal will stick around for too long.