Up your reading game with this spectacular Kindle (2022) deal

The Kindle has become the de facto e-reader over the past few years, with Amazon enjoying a spectacular rise as the format’s popularity blossomed over the 2010s. If you’re yet to experience the digital reader for yourself, Amazon has you covered with a pretty spectacular Black Friday-themed deal.

The deal in question not only sees an 18% discount on the e-reader, bringing it down to £69.99 from its £84.99 RRP, but Amazon is also throwing in a three-month subscription to its premium Kindle Unlimited service, providing access to thousands of digital books with a tap. It’s available in either Black or Denim, and although this is the version with ads, you can splash out on the ad-free version for £10 more at £79.99.

Get 18% off the Kindle (2022) and a free Kindle Unlimited subscription

Get 18% off the Kindle (2022) and a free Kindle Unlimited subscription

Amazon has not only discounted the Kindle (2022) by 18%, bringing it down to £69.99, but it’s also giving away a free three-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited for good measure.

That’s a pretty tempting price on the latest Kindle. Looking at Amazon product tracker Keepa, we can see that the current deal price represents the cheapest the Kindle has been since March 2023, not even dropping to this level during the recent Prime Day sale in October. That said, if you’ve been waiting to invest in a new Kindle, now looks like the perfect time to do so.

Is the Amazon Kindle (2022) worth buying?

An easy to recommend Kindle with some huge upgrades


  • Compact size sets it apart from the larger Paperwhite and Oasis
  • Very sharp display makes reading a pleasure
  • The switch to USB-C is welcome
  • Access to Amazon Prime’s ebook and audiobook ecosystem


  • Slight price increase
  • Misses out on a waterproof body
  • Feels a bit cheap

We were thoroughly impressed with the latest Kindle when we reviewed it, and its balance of price, features and screen tech in particular.

That’s because, despite costing the same amount as its predecessor, the Kindle (2022) offers a number of upgrades. The biggest is the display, which matches the more premium Kindle Paperwhite at 300 pixels-per-inch and makes texts in books and the UI in general look much sharper. Cover art looks much more crisp this time too.

We also liked the compact nature of the device, with a 6-inch panel that we thought struck a good balance between readability and portability. It’s easy to hold one-handed, making it a doddle to read when stuck on the tube, and it can even fit into some pockets.

Throw in other benefits like access to the Kindle Store with thousands of digital books ready to read at the tap of a button, and the upgrade to USB-C that makes it much easier to charge if you’ve got other USB-C devices (like a phone) and you’ve got a solid upgrade to the best e-reader around.

There are some limitations compared to e-readers from the likes of Kobo and Onyx, namely the inability to access any other e-book storefront than Kindle, but if you’re already heavily invested in a Kindle library, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

To find out more, take a look at our full Amazon Kindle (2022) review.

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