Z Flip 5 is back to being a cheap foldable phone

If you missed out on upgrading to a new phone over Black Friday then fear not, we’ve found an absolute banger for Samsung’s latest flip phone.

Right now you can get the stylish Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 with 100GB data for just £139 upfront and £26.99 a month. That’s already an impressive monthly rate for a flagship foldable phone, but the deal is made even better when you realise what the total cost of the contract comes to.

Over the 24-month period of the contract, at that rate the cost would come to just £786.76 which is unbelievably cheaper than the £1049 asking price of buying the Z Flip 5 SIM-free. With the amount of money you’re saving, you could easily put that towards the Galaxy Watch 6 or a new pair of Galaxy Buds, to help you make the most of your new phone.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 Price Crash

Galaxy Z Flip 5 Price Crash

Offerring 100GB of data and a total cost that’s significantly cheaper than buying the phone outright, this Z Flip 5 deal is almost too good to be true.

  • Mobiles UK
  • £139 upfront
  • Only £26.99/month

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When it comes to foldable phones in 2023, the market is far more plentiful than it was even just a few years ago but Samsung’s Flip line has had time to mature, and that couldn’t be more evident in the Z Flip 5.

Having used the phone myself for about a month, I can say that any fears about the durability of foldables flew right out of the window with the Z Flip 5 – this is a sturdy phone, and you can see much when the screen is folded at a 90-degree angle and used like a mini-laptop.

What really separates the Z Flip 5 from its predecessor however is its new and improved cover display which is larger than before and allows for better app integration without needing to open up the phone.

Just like with other modern Samsung phones, the cameras are nice and reliable too, with Trusted Reviews’ Mobile Editor Lewis Painter detailing: “the primary 12MP snapper is capable of well-lit outdoor scenarios, with plenty of detail despite the lack of pixel-binning tech. The colours are vivid and vibrant, almost unnaturally so, though that’s a trademark of practically every Samsung phone – and they look great on the phone’s AMOLED display.”

At such a low price, the Z Flip 5 is just far too tempting to pick up so if you’ve been swayed by the idea of upgrading to a foldable phone – you can’t go wrong with this offer.