Amazon's incredible Fire Max 11 deal is the ultimate Black Friday bargain

Black Friday and Amazon go hand-in-hand, with the online retail giant often offering some of the best Black Friday bargains around. It’s not just third-party tech either; the discounts also extend to Amazon’s own product range, and that includes the new top-end Amazon Fire Max 11 with a truly astonishing discount.

More specifically, Amazon has slashed an impressive 45% off the new Amazon Fire Max 11 that brings it down to just £134.99 – the lowest it has been since it first launched in May 2023. That’ll net you the 64GB variant with Amazon ads built into the tablet, though you can pay slightly more at £144.99 to get an ad-free version.

45% off: Amazon Fire Max 11 down to just £134.99

45% off: Amazon Fire Max 11 down to just £134.99

Amazon has knocked 45% (£114.01) off its top-end Amazon Fire Max 11, bringing it down to just £134.99. That’s the lowest it has been since launch earlier this year!

That’s a particularly stunning offer not only because it brings the price of the Fire Max 11 down to its lowest since launch but because, at its discounted price, it’s cheaper than the regular £149 RRP of the Amazon Fire 10 (2023).

That essentially means you’re getting an upgraded tablet with a better screen, higher-quality materials and a faster processor for free. Plus, the 11 Max’s compatibility with an official keyboard case and stylus further pushes what you can do with a Fire device, making it an ideal alternative to similarly priced Android tablets.

As you can see from the above price tracker, the Amazon Fire Max 11 is currently the cheapest it has been in the past 30 days. But we can go even further than that by looking at Amazon price tracker Keepa. The site shows that it’s currently the cheapest it has been since launch earlier this year. If you were tempted by Amazon’s top-end tablet before, this makes it a must-have.

Is the Amazon Fire Max 11 worth buying?

Can an Amazon Fire tablet really be a productivity device?


  • Much more premium design than other Fire tablets
  • Great all-day battery life
  • Solid 11-inch 2K display


  • Limited app availability
  • Very slow to charge

  • The Amazon Fire Max 11 has a solid display that beats most budget competition in benchmarks.
  • It offers a bigger display, better performance, and longer battery life compared to the Fire HD 10 Plus.
  • The tablet has an aluminium body with a premium look similar to Apple’s iPads.
  • It comes with a fingerprint scanner built into the power button for added security.
  • The 11-inch IPS LCD display has a pin-sharp 2K resolution and excellent contrast.
  • The tablet is compatible with work-focused accessories such as a full keyboard case and stylus.
  • Everyday performance on the Fire Max 11 is surprisingly solid for a budget tablet.
  • The tablet offers decent volume and clear audio quality, although it lacks bass performance.
  • The software experience may be limited due to the lack of Google apps and services.
  • The Fire Max 11 has impressive battery life but charges slowly with the included 9W brick.

Despite the familiar Fire branding, the Amazon Fire Max 11 is an entirely different device from the rest of Amazon’s budget Fire collection – and that’s not just down to its more premium price tag. That’s obvious as soon as you look at it; it doesn’t resemble any of Amazon’s cheaper tablets, with a design and build that’s not too dissimilar to an iPad, and it boasts compatibility with a keyboard case and stylus too.

The 11-inch IPS LCD display is a particular stand-out point with the Fire Max 11, boasting a pin-sharp 2K resolution that, when coupled with fairly loud stereo playback, makes it great for both reading text and watching movies. Plus, with impressive multi-day battery life, we could watch several films on a trip without needing to top the tablet up once.

The only catch is that, like the cheaper Fire tablets, it runs Amazon’s Fire OS, which is pretty limited compared to the standard Android experience. It lacks Google Play and thus plenty of apps that rely on Google services, making this more of an entertainment device than one you should consider for serious work.

If you want to find out more, make sure you take a look at our comprehensive Amazon Fire Max 11 review.

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