Apple Vision Pro could be ready to launch in January

Apple could be set to launch its hotly anticipated Vision Pro mixed reality headset within weeks, as one reputable source points to a January unveiling.

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman is one of the go to sources for Apple rumours. His latest tip is that the Apple Vision Pro will “launch by February”. Or, to put it in simpler terms that we much prefer, in January.

Gurman’s sources claim that the Vision Pro production lines in China have been running full tilt for several weeks now, with the ultimate goal of being ready for the end of January. It’s hoped that you’ll be able to wander into a shop and buy one some time in February.

Further indicating that a launch may be imminent, Apple yesterday sent out an email to developers encouraging them to “get ready” for the Apple Vision Pro by testing, updating, and submitting their efforts to Apple for feedback.

Apple is planning to spruce up its retail stores in preparation for the Vision Pro. Given its unique nature, not to mention its $3,499 price tag, it’s essential that the company gives its customers hands-on (and heads-in) experience with the device.

Expect dedicated demonstration areas, as well as added space for staff to box up all the accessories you might need to jump in. The company is said to be sending two staff from every Apple store to its HQ for training on selling the device, as well as how to demonstrate it to customers whilst keeping them comfortable.

There are a lot of moving parts to this latest Apple product release, and it could be the company’s most challenging launch yet. It’s going to be fascinating to see if Apple sticks the landing.