Apple's new Pencil fixes a major issue, but don't expect loads of new features

Apple has just announced a new Apple Pencil with a hidden USB-C port positioned behind a sliding cap.

While rumours had suggested new versions of the iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini might be arriving this week, instead Apple has taken the wraps of a new Pencil.

This isn’t a ‘Pro’ version or an update to the Apple Pencil 2nd generation, instead it’s a budget Pencil that does away with the annoying Lightning charging connector of the very first Pencil, replacing it with a USB-C port hidden behind a sliding cap.

The addition of a USB-C port allows users of the iPad (10th gen) to charge the Pencil with the same cable as the tablet itself and removes the need for the oddly-designed adaptor Apple sold to enable Lightning Pencils to charge via USB-C. This updated Pencil will also magnetically attach to the iPad 10.

Apple Pencil USB-C with iPad

While clearly designed for those who have picked up Apple’s redesigned iPad 10 in the past year, this new Apple Pencil also offers a cheaper entry point for those who have other USB-C-toting iPads.

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The design mirrors that of the pricier Pencil and offers the same hover skills for those with an iPad Pro, however it misses on features like double-tap to change tools, engraving and wireless charging.

It’s also the only Apple Pencil to lack pressure sensitivity, meaning it won’t respond differently when pressed harder or softer on the tablet’s screen. This is an odd commission, as it feels like a key Apple Pencil feature.

Apple Pencil USB-C with no iPad

Those hoping to snag this new USB-C-toting Apple Pencil will have to wait until November when it will begin shopping for £79/$79. This does make it the cheapest Apple Pencil available, sitting below the £109 Apple Pencil 1st generation and £139 Apple Pencil 2nd generation.

Whether Apple is still set to release new iPads this year remains to be seen, but it looks like we’ll certainly be waiting until 2024 for new M3 MacBooks.

Originally posted 2023-10-17 14:03:52.