Avoid high upfront costs with this incredible iPhone 15 Pro deal

If you want to upgrade to the iPhone 15 Pro, but want to avoid needlessly high upfront costs with a new plan, then this deal from AO late in the day on Cyber Monday may well be for you.

At the moment, the site is offering this 24-month contract of the iPhone 15 Pro from O2 with unlimited everything for £55 a month, and with an upfront cost of just £9, which makes for some especially good value on a phone that’s barely two months old.

If this isn’t iPhone 15 Pro contract isn’t for you though, then it’s worth checking out the Trusted roundup of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals we’ve seen this weekend, including all manner of other phone plans and deals. Time is running out so it’s worth taking a look.

Save a ton with this iPhone 15 Pro plan from AO with especially low upfront costs

Save a ton with this iPhone 15 Pro plan from AO with especially low upfront costs

If you want to grab the iPhone 15 Pro on a contract with rock-bottom low upfront costs, it doesn’t get much better than this AO deal with this O2 contract with unlimited everything with just a £9 upfront cost.

  • AO
  • £55 per month
  • £9 upfront cost

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Is the iPhone 15 Pro worth the money?

It might not be massively different, but vanilla still tastes just as good.


  • Lightweight and more comfortable to hold
  • Great camera performance in most conditions
  • Incredible A17 Pro power
  • Handy Action Button


  • Same 3x telephoto as its predecessor
  • Sluggish charging

Running the maths on this deal gives you a total cost of £1329 for the entire contract – £55 per month for 24 months, plus that low £9 upfront cost. It’s right in the mix as a solid overall cost, considering the separate costings if you were to purchase the phone and then pick up a similar equivalent plan for unlimited everything – phones, calls, and texts.

Outside of this, the iPhone 15 Pro is also a capable phone with small quality of life improvements over its predecessor including a lightweight chassis that’s also more comfortable to hold, being comprised of titanium, while its A17 Pro chip offers immense power, and the addition of USB-C is a useful addition to bring iPhones into line with Android flagships.

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