Black Friday’s top Pixel 8 Pro deal is still here, but not for long

If you missed out on the chance to bag a bargain during the Black Friday sale then fear not, one of its best deals is still available.

One of the Best Pixel 8 Pro deals we saw, which nets you 400GB data and a free Fitbit Charge 6 for just £39 a month and nothing to pay upfront, is still going. This is an absolute stonker of a deal and you won’t find anything better for Google’s premium smartphone right now – we’ve checked.

The free Fitbit Charge 6 offer is only available until December 15th but there’s no guarantee that the 400GB contract (which has had its upfront fee waived) will stick around until then. Simply put, if you want to upgrade to the Pixel 8 Pro and get plenty bang for your buck in the process then this is the deal to go for.

Pixel 8 Pro with free Fitbit Charge 6

Pixel 8 Pro with free Fitbit Charge 6

This phenomenal Pixel 8 Pro deal gets you 400GB data and a free Fitbit Charge 6.

  • Affordable Mobiles
  • No upfront cost
  • Only £39/month

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At this point, you’ve probably heard plenty about how the Pixel 8 Pro is one 2023’s best phones. Google really shook things up with the Pixel 6 and has continued to refine its smartphone line-up ever since, and now the Pixel 8 range shows just how far Google has come.

For starters, Google’s stock Android experience is as close to iOS as you’ll find on Android. As a matter of fact, Google’s phones are the only ones that feature stock Android, and as a cherry on top, the company promised seven years of software and security updates for the Pixel 8 range which is unparalleled.

As great as the software is though, the thing that really separates the Pixel 8 Pro from the competition is its camera chops. In our 4-star review for the phone, Editor Max Parker wrote: “Shots from the Pixel 8 have that characteristic Pixel look, which I absolutely love. Highlights are pushed to create striking images, with colours that are restrained yet still accurate and vibrant.”

In any scenario, the Pixel 8 Pro’s cameras are more than up for the task and they’ll make your Instagram shots pop like no other.

At this price, the Pixel 8 Pro is an absolute bargain and among the cheapest offers you’ll find right now for a premium Android smartphone.