Crush your 2024 fitness goals with this Galaxy Watch 4 bargain

If you’re looking to set some healthier habits in 2024 then it’s well worth picking up a fitness-focussed smartwatch, especially when one of the best is so cheap.

Amazon’s just massively discounted the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 on the sly, bringing it down from its already reduced price of £199 to just £129. Even though we’ve had two newer Galaxy Watches since, both of them have come with a fairly significant price hike, making this the far better option for those on a budget.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Galaxy Watch 4 was recently updated to feature Google’s new Wear OS 4 platform, so it’ll still be supported for a quite a while yet, ensuring you can get plenty of use out of the device.

Galaxy Watch 4 for a super low price

Galaxy Watch 4 for a super low price

The Galaxy Watch 4 was already a great wearable but now that’s significantly cheaper than its successors, it’s an easy buy as a fitness tracker for 2024.

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  • Was £199
  • Now £129

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I absolutely adored the Galaxy Watch 4 back when it launched in 2021 as it brought forth a complete revision for Samsung’s wearable strategy, finally doing away with its Tizen operating system and embracing Google’s Wear OS completely, not to mention revamping the hardware design to make it stand out from the crowd.

In fact, the new design of the Galaxy Watch 4 was so good that Samsung hasn’t really deviated from it since – from a distance you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between the Watch 4 and the Watch 6, aside from the latter having a slightly larger display.

On top of its software support however, what makes the Galaxy Watch 4 still worth picking up is its plentiful array of fitness tracking features. Much like the Apple Watch, you’re not at a loss when it comes to the sheer amount of workouts that can be tracked, but it’s Samsung’s unique BioActive that really impresses.

In my 4.5-star review for the watch, I noted: “this BioActive sensor compiles multiple sensors into one unit, with the ability to collect your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and even perform an ECG test.”

Even now, there are very few smartwatches and fitness trackers that can offer that amount of metrics, and the ones that do tend to cost a great deal more than £129.

The only downside here is that, according to the product page, the watch won’t arrive until Christmas but it should still appear in the first few days of January to give you a helping hand with any fitness related new year’s resolutions.