Crush your fitness goals with this bargain Fitbit Charge 6 deal

If you’re looking to make some healthier lifestyle changes for next year then this incredible Fitbit Charge 6 bargain can help you out.

Just in time for the New Year, Amazon has reduced the Fitbit Charge 6 to its lowest price yet, letting you get the feature-packed fitness tracker for just £109.

At that price, it’s even cheaper than the £119 going rate it was available for over Black Friday, making now the best time to buy the device if you’re looking for a handy digital assistant to help you meet your fitness goals with ease.

Having reviewed a near countless amount of fitness trackers and smartwatches, I still believe that when it comes to helping the majority of people reach attainable fitness goals, Fitbit’s devices are the best options out there.

Fitbit Charge 6 at a new low price

Fitbit Charge 6 at a new low price

Just in time for any New Year’s resolutions, the fantastic Fitbit Charge 6 has just dropped to its lowest price yet (even cheaper than it was during Black Friday).

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  • Was £139.99
  • Now £109

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The reason for this is that Fitbit’s software understands far better than the competition that when it comes to implementing a workout routine against the backdrop of full time work and other responsibilities, exercising every single day just isn’t an option.

With that in mind, the Fitbit app calculates your ‘Active Zone Minutes’ on a week to week basis which is a far more accessible system in my mind. This way, you don’t have to worry if there’s a ridiculously busy day in your schedule that makes it impossible to get down the gym – you can simply make up the time on a different day of the week and burn some serious calories then.

Given that over-training and exhaustion are the key things you want to avoid during the early stages of making sustainable changes towards a healthier lifestyle, Fitbit’s system just makes a great deal of sense.

Of course, that approach to fitness tracking is just one of the Charge 6’s many attributes, particularly as this new model now includes a bunch of Google apps on the device itself including Google Wallet, Google Maps and even YouTube Music.

With those apps on board, you can leave your phone at home and pay for a post-run coffee with just the Charge 6 to hand, and even listen to your favourite workout playlists offline with on device music storage via YouTube Music.

It all culminates in one of the best fitness trackers you can get at this end of the market, and unless you’re looking to pay over £200 to get something more akin to a smartwatch, this is by far the ideal pick.