Here are the 35 Samsung Galaxy devices getting Android 14 soon

If you’re wondering whether your Samsung phone is going to come up trumps in the Android 14 lottery, there’s some good news – more phones are getting the update than previously thought.

In a post on the company’s European support site, Samsung revealed there are 35 phones and tablets in total set to served the update along with the One UI 6.0 UI, either by the end of the year, or at a date yet to be decided.

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Beyond the guaranteed devices like the Galaxy S23 range, the Flip and Fold 5 and loads of A-Series devices, Samsung is bestowing the update on phones like the S21 range and those farther down the trough, such as the 2021 XCover 5.

While the page refers to the release schedule in Europe, it’s safe to assume the requisite UK models will get the updates too.

The UK, for example, began receiving the Android 14 update for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series on October 30. So we would expect to see the release schedule follow suit this week for phones like the Galaxy Z Flip 5, which lists November 13 as the release date in Europe.

Here’s that release schedule from the community manager (via Sam Mobile and Phone Arena):

  • Galaxy S23: 30 October
  • Galaxy S23 Plus: 30 October
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra: 30 October
  • Galaxy A34 5G: 13 November
  • Galaxy A54 5G: 13 November
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5: 13 November
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5: 13 November
  • Galaxy S22: 15 November
  • Galaxy S22 Plus: 15 November
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra: 15 November
  • Galaxy S23 FE: 20 November
  • Galaxy A13 5G: 20 November
  • Galaxy A33 5G: 20 November
  • Galaxy A53 5G: 20 November
  • Galaxy S21 5G: 20 November
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G: 20 November
  • Galaxy S21 Plus 5G: 20 November
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4: 20 November
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4: 20 November
  • Galaxy S21 FE 5G: 24 November
  • Galaxy A52: 27 November
  • Galaxy A52s 5G: 27 November
  • Galaxy A13: 27 November
  • Galaxy A23 5G: 27 November
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G: 27 November
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G: 27 November
  • Galaxy A72: 30 November
  • Galaxy A25 5G: 1 December
  • Galaxy A04s: 4 December
  • Galaxy XCover 5: 8 December
  • Galaxy A14 5G: Date TBC
  • Galaxy A14: Date TBC
  • Galaxy A52 5G: Date TBC
  • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: Date TBC
  • Galaxy A05s: Date TBC